Beetroot Powder



  • BioBalance Certified Organic Beetroot Powder is a fantastic and easy way to incorporate one of the healthiest vegetables there is- beetroot! The concentrated powder form of this super vegetable means that its easy to work into your daily routine, whether that be blended into a smoothie, swirled into a dip or stirred into baking. 

    Because of its high levels of iron, vitamin b6 and folates, Beetroot Powder is a fantastic supplement not only for those needing a natural energy and vitamin boost, but also for pregnant women. On top of this, beetroot is one of the best supplements to take due to its extremely low GI of 64. This means that it does not cause sugar surges and, in fact, will help stabilise levels of blood sugar.
  • Beetroot powder is an amazing addition to any smoothie, introducing a new dimension of flavour with its earthy sweetness. It's also a fantastic way to get a beautiful pink/red colour in cakes, slices and so on without any of the nasty additions often present in standard food colouring. 

    We recommend 1-2 teaspoons for daily for adults, and 1 teaspoon daily for kids.

    Always read the label and use as directed: supplementary to a balanced diet, or as directed by a healthcare professional.
  • Raw Vegan VegetarianPaleo
    Gluten Free Dairy FreeNut Free Sugar Free
    Soy FreeCertified Organic Cruelty Free 
    Made in NZ
  • Raw Beetroot Powder*

    *Certified Organic Ingredient
    Assurequality Organic Certification
  • Coming soon
  • Blueberry and Beetroot Cheesecake
    Chocolate Christmas Truffles
    Turkish Delight Chocolate Bars
  • Biobalance New Zealand LogoBioBalance is the child of the Butler family, whose 30 years worth of experience with natural products and deep respect for the New Zealand environment has informed their line of effective and affordable organic supplements.

    Not only do they draw their inspiration from their South Island community, they also often draw their ingredients from this area too and, when products are not able to be locally sourced, are only acquired from the highest standard international organic farmers. Their range reflects this, so local superfoods take their place alongside globally renowned superfoods.

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