Monk Fruit Powder

Matakana Superfoods

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  • Monk Fruit is a small sweet melon native to China and Southeast Asia. It is said to have been named after Buddhist Monks, who are believed to have been the first to cultivate the fruit - all the way back in the 13th century! Also known as Luo Han Guo, it was traditionally used in herbal medicine.

    Unlike traditional sweeteners, Monk Fruit doesn't get its sweetness from sugar and therefore won't spike your blood sugar levels, making it a great sugar alternative for diabetics. Monk Fruit's sweetness actually comes from a unique chemical it contains known as mogroside which doesn't leave any bitter aftertaste unlike other chemical sweeteners such as stevia. This compound is also 200-300 times sweeter than regular sugar - so a little definitely goes a long way!
  • Add to coffee, tea, baking and smoothies - or wherever you need a little natural sugar-free sweetener. Remember a little goes a long way!
  • Raw Vegan Vegetarian
    Paleo Gluten Free Dairy Free
    Sugar Free Soy Free 
    Cruelty FreeMade in NZ
  • Monk fruit powder, natural dextrin free flow. No preservatives or other additives.

  • “I'm diabetic but can't end a day without a small sweet. I've been using stevia and splenda but don't like the way they bake (gummy, pasty and don't brown). On my second order of monk fruit I was hooked! I baked a cheesecake last night and everyone raved! I don't drink sweet coffee, tea or have anything with sweeteners except my dessert so I don't know what this is like in drinks."

    - Tina Jeffrey (Virginia, United States)

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  • Matakana SuperfoodsMatakana SuperFoods is a New Zealand-based leader in the research and marketing of new and novel foods with unique qualities and super nutrients to support health and well-being. Their goal is to bring to the market the latest high-quality, super-nutrient functional foods, snack foods and cosmetics.

    While extracts of various foods have been used in supplements for many years, a new movement away from supplements and towards whole Superfoods has arisen, and promises to offer greater benefits to health through the premise that the synergistic interaction of the nutrients gained from natural wholefoods has more to offer than one or two components being extracted and put into a tablet. Often the balance, ratio and type of nutrients found in wholefoods leads to superior assimilation and absorption by the body. There is a renewed belief that eating wholefoods (and particularly wholefoods with super-nutrient qualities) is of greater benefit than simple supplementation with individual extracts.

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