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  • Easy odour-free composting inside the house? We like! The Bokashi Bin composting system uses fermentation to prep your biodegradable waste ready for planting in the garden (or your neighbours'). Super simple to use, and neat and tidy enough it can be kept under the kitchen bench (no more stinky outdoor compost bins attracting rats).

    A great way to reuse your organic food scraps to feed, nourish and take your organic garden to new heights. You'll also be reducing the massive amount of biodegradable waste that goes to landfill each year. Carbon positivity!

    Due to the bulky nature of this item, we are only able to ship this within New Zealand.
  • Collect your food scraps (anything and everything) in a 2L icecream container on the bench top - once full, place in bokashi bin, press down to remove oxygen, then sprinkle 1-2 tbsp compost zing on top and close the lid.

    Drain off the 'juice' in the bottom of the bin every few days, dilute, and use as treats for your plants.Once the bucket's full, leave to 'simmer' (ferment) for 10-14 days. Voila - ready to be buried in the garden!
  • Made in NZ Reusable Recyclable
    Recycled Packaging
  • Food grade plastic, including 50% recycled regrinds (off cuts that therefore remain food grade)
  • "This is the most productive vege garden I've ever had & it's from a smaller area. With building a new house all the gardens were started from scratch. I began burying bokashi in designated areas before we moved in. The first crop was planted October 07 & was very successful. I now have a second crop ready, including potatoes assorted veges & strawberries. Bokashi certainly does enhance the garden. "

    - Alison Rae (Waimate, New Zealand)

    "Our Bokashi bins have totally transformed the quality of our soil. I started using the Bokashi three seasons ago. It's great for reusing food scraps, which now don't go to landfill, but as importantly has allowed our garden to flourish and create a highly nutrient rich soil. The organic fertiliser by-product is also fantastic. Parts of the vege garden which used to be bone dry are now moist and rich."

    - Tony Robert (Auckland, New Zealand)
  • Bokashi NZ is a NZ owned and operated business, focussed on sustainabliity and the environment. Bokashi's buckets are made using in-house plastic waste (called regrinds), which remain virgin plastic and are of food grade quality. The buckets are recyclable at the end of their life, although there are some vintage 10 year old Bokashi's still doing their job! Bokashi NZ is a member of the Sustainable Business Network in NZ and Wastminz, a waste minimisation organisation, and regularly presents at Waste Conferences encouraging greater urban composting of biodegradable matter.

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