Hazelnut Butter

Uncle Joe's


  • We love hazelnuts, not only for their deliciousness but also their incredible nutritional properties. Hazelnuts are a great source of protein, fibre and vitamin E. They are also high in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats which help to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and decrease the risk of heart disease.
  • This hazelnut spread is a flavoursome addition to any dish, be it pasta or dessert! Its also delicious spread on crackers or as a dip.
  • Raw Vegan Vegetarian Paleo
    Gluten Free Dairy Free Sugar Free Soy Free
    Cruelty Free  Reusable Recyclable
  • 100% Raw Hazelnuts
  • "To be frank, I've only tried this hazelnut butter one way- straight onto my toast, with a drizzle of melted dark chocolate if I'm feeling decadent. It is so good that it never lasts more than two weeks in my pantry!"

    -Elise Campbell (Auckland, New Zealand)
  • Coming soon
  • Uncle Joe's is a family business, located just outside of Blenheim. Some of the trees they harvest from are those that were planted by settlers and their bounty throughout the years reflects the rich nutrition present in the soils of the Wairau Plains.

    Their nuts are always freshly cracked, to ensure maximum flavour. 

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