Five things I'm loving at the moment - Spring edition!

Chantal Organics Raw Apple Cider Vinegar - with the "mother"
1. Chantal Organics Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

If you’re a health foodie, you’ll have no doubt heard about the many gut-health benefits of raw ACV. I use it as my number one go-to vinegar for dressings, as it adds a tangy yet sweet flavour - delicious. I used to be a Bragg’s girl, but this one from Chantal is now my fav – not only is it unpasteurised, unfiltered, and naturally fermented, it also retains the mother ferment in each bottle, is made from apples grown right here in NZ, AND is certified organic. What’s not to love?!


BioBalance Organic Natural Herbal Chest Care
2. BioBalance Herbal Chest Care

Ever noticed you tend to catch a cold when the seasons change? That’s because viruses tend to prefer certain temperatures – influenza (the flu) peaks in winter, while rhinovirus (which causes colds) tops out in spring and autumn. Either way, if you have a tendency to colds, I highly recommend an herbal formula for protection (or relief). We’ve been loving this one from BioBalance, an adult formulation for us, and a kid’s version for Mila (which I cannot get off her!) 

Loving Earth Raw Organic Artisanal Chocolates
 3. Loving Earth’s Luscious New Choc Bars

You know I love chocolate, judging from my not insignificant range of choccie based recipes on the blog… But when you don’t have time to make your own, these are my new favourite indulgence! The flavours are seriously out of this world. Think activated crunchy buckwheat, chunks of almonds and hazelnuts, and sprinklings of cranberries. My fav flavours? Very Buck ‘N Berry, Coffee Ka-Pow and Nutty Mr Maple. Try a bundle and let me know yours!


Annmarie's Organic All-Natural Essential Oil perfume

Did you know your regular perfume can contain any one up to 3,100 different chemicals? Many of which have been shown to cause asthma, respiratory disease, skin irritations, cancer, auto immune disease, endocrine disruption, hormone imbalance, and infertility. Back in the day, there wasn’t much in the way of natural options, until… Annmarie made these! I’m in love with the LOVE scent - think classic rose, sweet jasmine, with hints of frankincense and sandalwood. Could this be the best present ever? (To yourself, of course.)


Now I know you’re a fan of Mr almond butter, but let me convert you to his equally good looking but less well-known friend. Yes, this walnut spread might just be your new toast topper go-to. Plus – it’s made entirely from NZ-grown walnuts (instead of imported Californian almonds), equalling less food miles, AND you’re supporting local. On banana bread, in pesto, drizzled over fruit and yoghurt, or just on regular wholegrain with sliced banana and sprinkled cinnamon. Even I’m getting hungry now…!