5 Things I'm Loving Right Now

1. BioBalance's Cacao Powder
If you've been following my blog for a while now, you'll know I'm addicted to cacao. Who wouldn't be though - it's healthy chocolate! As with anything though, as it becomes more popular a few less scrupulous providers come to market, so it's even more important to choose a really high quality brand. BioBalance is my current fav - it's certified organic, is ethically sourced, and owned by a lovely family owned business based in sunny Golden Bay, Nelson. The taste is impeccably smooth too.

2. Macpac Possum Carrier
I've been a fan of carrying Mila ("baby-wearing" as they call it) right from when she was born. My latest acquisition is Macpac's Possum (how cute is that!). It's much bigger than my previous carriers, but has the benefit of Mil being perched sky high for all round 360° views. It also has a handy backpack on the back, so you can carry that jersey, bottle, snack and spare nap you inevitably always need. Plus it's got a stand so when your little one wants to get out for a run/dip you can prop it up without it getting all dirty. Brilliant!

 3. Little Bird's Organic Cleanses
After a few too many indulgent nights out, something I often recommend to clients is a one day cleanse. Now this is not an exercise in deprivation, far from it; this stuff tastes amazing! Rather, it's a chance for your liver and digestive system to take a rest whilst still feeding your body a tonne of nutrients. I tried Little Bird's new Clean Green Cleanse earlier this month and loved it - 6 drinks including a turmeric shot, matcha milk, and a filling avocado and tahini salad to finish the day. If you're needing a reset, this is way to do it in style! 
I have a pretty simple skincare routine (very simple...), but during summer I do like to use a scrub twice a week on my face, as find the hot weather does tend to clog your pores a little more (especially if you're wearing sunscreen on your face every day - which you should be!). I absolutely adore everything from Annmarie Gianni's skin care range, and her Ayurvedic scrub is no exception. The great thing is you can mix it with your own cleanser in exactly the amount you want, so it lasts an age. Makes your face feel silky soft and helps soften those darn fine lines too - perfect!

I'm not one for a tonne of ready made foods, preferring rather to make things from scratch whenever I can. But life gets busy! Real busy.. So a few conveniences here and there can make all the difference to you sticking to and enjoying a healthy plant-based lifestyle. These flavoured "mylks" from Rebel Kitchen are my latest favourite treat - with flavours like Chocolate, Matcha, and Coffee (if you're so inclined), they remind me of the Primo's of my younger years (a flavoured dairy milk drink for you non-NZers and youngins!). Made with literally coconut, water, dates and real ingredients - they're good enough even for your little ones.