Prior Work with Me

Working with companies who share my holistic approach to caring for people’s health, animals and our planet is one of my true pleasures in running Be Good Organics. Over the years I've had the joy of collaborating with a number of different brands, with products ranging from plant-based pantry staples and superfoods, to wellness and personal care. With each collaboration we’ve been able to highlight their unique proposition and story, and share that message with my readers. Here is a selection of some of my recent projects.

BioBalance Logo

BioBalance is a NZ based brand with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with as one of our Priority Product Partners. As part of our relationship I’ve created several recipes featuring their range of superfoods, including this gorgeous Garden Green Hummus and tasty Turkish Delight Chocolate Bars. I've also worked to develop engaging and exciting recipe videos showcasing their products, like my recent Matcha Lavender Tarts video. Here my aim was to create a series of delicious plant-based recipes to showcase BioBalance's unique products in new and enticing ways. The recipes were a hit on Facebook and Instagram alike, and as a result of the momentum achieved, I am looking forward to more projects with BioBalance in 2018.

I’m the first to admit that, when the team at Shakti got in touch and offered to send us one of their spiky mats to review, I was skeptical. However, after giving it a go and seeing the amazing benefits that followed from regular use (more on that here), I became a firm devotee. I then got to share my enthusiasm with my friends and followers on social media, through a series of social posts, Instagram stories and giveaways over the course of 2017, helping to build up Shakti’s profile in the market. I’m now looking forward to trying out and reviewing their exciting new products in 2018!

Chantal Organics Logo

When Chantal Organics approached me to create some recipes with their wide range of pantry staples, I was so excited to have the opportunity to highlight a company I’d long been a fan of, for their commitment to making organics accessible. So, when I went to create recipes to highlight this, I knew exactly what to do - simple, healthy meals and sweet treats that are perfect for sharing with family. Recipes like my All-In Veggie Lasagne and Midnight Black Sesame Tarts have become Be Good Organics classics, reaching large audiences across Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Combining these with a series of giveaways and Instagram stories, I’m proud to have shared Chantal’s fantastic products with readers and I can’t wait to highlight even more exciting ingredients from Chantal Organics in future recipes.

Free Range Deodorant

To celebrate their new cruelty-free status, the team at Free Range asked me to review their natural deodorant and share my thoughts with our followers. Turns out, deodorant is a great conversation starter! With high social post engagement, we found that everyone had their own experiences with natural deodorants to share, and it created a lovely organic (no pun intended!) conversation about the need to opt for natural skin care products. Needless to say, I’m now a regular user of Free Range’s fabulous deos myself.

If you’ve been reading Be Good Organics for a while, or following me on social, you’ll know I love travelling - it’s one of my major passions in life (after food, of course). And what better company to work with in my travels than Macpac, whose wide range of clothing and gear was perfect for my trips to Canada and Raglan alike. So, I created a series of social posts, as well as a few Instagram stories, all of which included the creation of organic and authentic imagery that naturally highlighted the Macpac branding. I can’t wait to work with Macpac more for future travels (Bali, here we come…).

OOB’s berries have long been a staple in my freezer, so I was over the moon when they approached me to create a series of content featuring their newly released frozen raspberries. I started by making a real kiwi classic - a “next-level” Louise Slice. This proved to be a phenomenal hit: it was one of the most popular recipes I made in 2017, and one of the most recreated by readers. Then, to continue on the kiwi classic theme, I shared my Jelly Tips recipe on social media, sharing how easy it was to make them with OOB’s frozen raspberries. This was, again, a massive hit - showing that Be Good Organics readers truly love healthy recreations of the classics! I can’t wait to devise more recipes with the rest of the OOB range in 2018.

Artemis Logo

Having studied naturopathy myself, I have a deep and sincere appreciation for the hard work that goes into producing Artemis’ certified organic and New Zealand-made naturopathic teas. So, when I got the chance to work with them, of course I said yes! We started our collaboration with an interview of the amazing founder of Artemis being shared on the blog, and followed that by sharing a series of bespoke photographs of the Artemis range on my social media. High engagement and interaction from readers told us this was a success, so we were so excited to follow this with a recipe video featuring Artemis’ Lemon Thyme Tonic in 2017. Overall, we were really happy with the varying and engaging ways in which we got to share Artemis’ products with our readers.


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