Top 5 for December

Matcha Matcha Latte Grade

1. Matcha Matcha
If you’re already downing kale and raw cheesecakes, chances are you’ve heard of matcha. Matcha is a Japanese green tea that’s super high in antioxidants (21 times that of blueberries), and gives you a natural energy boost without the headaches that can come with coffee. I’ve replaced my morning latte with a milky matcha and am in love! There are varying qualities out there, but this one from Matcha Matcha is the loveliest I’ve tasted.
Carb Appropriate Diet Book

2. Carbohydrate Appropriate Diet
I’m generally not a fan of books with word “diet” in them, but this is one exception. My good friend Cliff Harvey is the go-to guy when it comes to researching lower carbohydrate diets, and this book is the culmination of his 10+ years work in the field. We often have head on debates (he eats meat, I don’t), but his rationale behind adjusting individuals’ carbohydrate intake based on their unique energy requirements is beyond sound. Highly recommended, especially for the nutrition nerds amongst.
Before the Flood Film

3. Before The Flood
I raved about this doco a few weeks back, and if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a must watch for 2016. Whether you know much about global warming or not, this fabulous documentary by my high-school crush Leonardo DiCaprio is a fantastic summation of the key issues around climate change. Animal consumption + energy use + an exploding global population means we all need to reduce the animal products on our plate, (and use less power), to ensure a viable future for our planet. Get on board!
Rosemary Toning Mist

4. Rosemary Toning Mist
Summer is definitely here in NZ, so this gorgeous toning mist from Annmarie Skin Care is now a regular feature in my hand bag. It’s perfect for spraying on your face when you’re in need of a refresher, and an absolute must for plane travel (you know that dehydrated shrivelled up face feeling you get? Solved!). Try this spray you’ll fall in love - promise.


5. Little Bird Coffee Macaroons
As if I wasn’t already in love with Little Bird’s Macaroons, they went and made the best tasting one yet - and it's coffee! Given my aforementioned matcha swap, I feel completely justified having one of these instead. The flavour is seriously divine - creamy, smooth and super more-ish. Whilst I do get headaches from coffee, these macaroons just give me heart flutters. Fair trade, organic, ethically sourced coffee too. The perfect present for Mum, Dad, Nana, or just treat yourself.