Top 5 for October

1. Natracare Feminine Hygiene Products
Most people don’t know that cotton is the most heavily sprayed crop in the world, yet we often don’t think about it when choosing products for our sensitive (and highly absorbent) lady bits. I switched the Natracare a number of years ago, as they’re made with certified organic cotton, are chlorine and plastic free (most pads are 90% plastic!), biodegradable, and not tested on animals. Regular tampons have been linked with Toxic Shock Syndrome too, and we don’t want any of that! 

Kefir Company Coconut Water Kefir
2. Coconut Water Kefir
If you haven’t yet jumped on the probiotic bandwagon, this delicious kefir is one of my favourite ways to optimise your gut and immune health. I have a small glass every day, and also use it to make our own coconut yoghurt and fermented cashew cheese - much cheaper than store bought versions too. 

Mondays Wholefoods Cafe Kingsland
3. Mondays Eatery, Kingsland
A beautiful tropical oasis hidden down a back alley of Kingsland,  Mondays has recently opened up a whole new outdoor area making it an even more chillaxed place. I can’t go past their buddha bowl, and their ginger slice or matcha cakes inevitably end up in my bag for takeout. They’re opening for dinner soon; I can’t wait for date night here!

Dr Libby Women's Wellness Wisdom
4. Dr Libby's Women's Wellness Wisdom
The latest book from one of my favourite nutritionists, I found myself zipping between chapters soaking up the snippets of wisdom as fast as I could. Only to then want to read the whole thing again from the beginning, so I could absorb the full experience! Full of gems but also easy to read- all up, an amazing handbook for health P.S My dad couldn’t put it down either!

5. Sunlove Sun Protection
It’s warming up so I’m back into wearing sunblock on my face every day. Particularly in the harsh New Zealand and Australian sun, it’s really important to protect your skin to prevent both burning and melanoma. Most sunblocks though are a chemical thunder storm, so it’s important to choose something that’s natural. This is my fav and smells delicious too - green tea, cacao butter, mmm summer.