Balancing your Nervous System

Be Good Organics

Imagine a future where you are no longer controlled by life challenges as you can regulate your emotions and express your feelings in appropriate ways – this is called resilience.  How would that be?

Research shows that resilience has a highly beneficial impact on our physiology as it balances our nervous system. What would you say if you were more resilient and therefore able to manage your states more consistently? In this session we will take you through an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) process to anchor a state of either calm or energy with your preferred essential oil. This will give you instant access to this state when smelling this oil in the future.

More resiliency means a more a balanced nervous system which improves our health and wellbeing, e.g., our immunity, reduces symptoms for chronic illnesses, anxiety, depression, burnout, to only name a few.  
Come and learn this skill in just one session, which will then be available to you anytime in the future. Bring your favourite emotional essential oils.

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    Neuro Linguistic how to change your state with essential oils and other practices from Pitsinee Chaisarn on Vimeo.


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