Black Tahini

Chantal Organics

  • Chantal Organics' Black Tahini is made from certified organic whole black sesame seeds that have been slowly roasted and gently ground in a stone mill to bring out a smooth, mellow and deliciously sweet flavour. It is incredibly high in antioxidants and calcium. Enjoy as a spread and in hummus, dressings and sauces or use in baking. 

    Note: Oil separation will occur naturally - simply stir with a fork or knife to blend.
  • Enjoy as a spread and in hummus, dressings and sauces or use in baking. It is also wonderful in Asian Cuisine or mixed with white tahini for a beautiful result.
  • Vegan Vegetarian Paleo
    Dairy Free Sugar Free Soy Free
    Certified Organic Cruelty Free Made in NZ
    Reusable Recyclable
  • Hulled Tahini: Hulled Sesame Seeds*

    Unhulled Tahini: Unhulled Sesame Seeds*

    Certified Organic Ingredient
    AsureQuality Organic Certification
  • Coming soon
  • Chantal Organics LOGO - NZ owned, based in Hawkes BayChantal Organics is a New Zealand company that grew out of a food co-operative established in Hawkes Bay in the 1970s. After opening their first retail store in Napier in 1983, they established themselves as a key independent organic retailer in the New Zealand market and, from there, Chantal has only expanded. At the same time, they remain to be an independent, family owned company whose business is shaped by their firm commitment to organic farming and sustainable practices, as well as their dedication to maintaining the health of the environment and community they operate in.  

    Their goal is now to bring organic wholefoods to Kiwi pantries nationwide, by making easy-to-use and affordable organic wholefoods that everyone can enjoy.

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