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  • Originating thousands of years ago in China, buckwheat has been a part of the diets of many Asian and European cultures for many years. It is used to make Japan's beloved soba noodles, delicious gallettes in France and blinis in Russia. As well as providing a nutty flavour to your dish, buckwheat is also a fantastic source of dietary fibre and plant-based protein.

    Contrary to its name, buckwheat has nothing to do with wheat, and is instead actually a fruit seed related to rhubarb or sorrel. This means that it is naturally gluten-free. It can be used in place of rice, couscous or pasta, or cooked with your favourite plant-based milk for a delicious breakfast porridge.
  • You can use these grains in any place where you would normally serve rice, couscous or pasta. They can also be cooked with plant-based milk for a delicious porridge, or served toasted to give salads a satisfying crunch.

    Once opened, store in a sealed container in a cool, dry place and keep away from direct sunlight.
  • RawVeganVegetarianGluten Free
    Wheat Free Dairy FreeNut FreeSugar Free
    Soy FreeCertified OrganicCruelty FreeFair Trade
    Made in NZ
  • Buckwheat*

    *Certified Organic Ingredient
    BioGro Certified Organics New Zealand
  • These buckwheat groats are extremely versatile. More often than not, I will add them to oatmeal (hot or overnight oats) and once they've soaked I have thrown them into smoothies. I plan to also go savory with them as well as add them into granola recipes. They are crunchy and nutty in flavor and I have also taken to munching one or two right out of the bag."

    - T. Sundstrom (USA)

    "Ceres' Buckwheat is one of my go-to ingredients, as it is versatile, easy to work with, and its nutty flavour mixes well in sweet or savoury recipes. A personal favourite is to mix it with cacao powder, spices, and chopped dried fruit to make homemade raw granola, or to mix it in with salads."

    - Y. Empiso (NZ)
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  • Ceres Organics is a New Zealand company founded in 1982 by Juliet Lamont. They strive to make organic, biodynamic and GE-free food available through sourcing quality products that are sustainably produced by organic or biodynamic methods, thereby creating a distribution chain that is both ecologically and socially responsible. Their status as a founding member of the GE-Free communities and general support of the GE-Free movement attest to their social responsibility.

    Ceres were the first NZ company to become EcoSocial certified - an organic fair trade certification. We are proud to be distributing Ceres Organics' products, from one of NZ's leading organic food distributors.

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