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  • Chia seeds have been grown and eaten since as early as 3500BC by the Mayans and Aztecs in Mexico. Aztec warriors and running messengers used them as high-energy food to maintain their strength and endurance. Chia in fact means 'strength' in Mayan.

    Derived from the herb mint family, Chia seed oil is one of our favourite superfoods. It is the highest plant-based source of Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids (60% Omega 3) in the world, making it a brilliant safe, sustainable and compassionate alternative to seafood and fish oil capsules. Omega 3 can't be produced by our bodies and therefore must be consumed. Omega 3's are known for their role in encouraging healthy skin, hair, nails, joints, and brain function; improving post-workout recovery and cardiovascular function; increasing metabolism and promoting fat-burning; and preventing heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and arthritis.

    Chia seed oil is one of our favourite supplements in a healthy plant-based diet, and a great addition to hemp seed and flaxseed oils for variety. To read more about this amazing superfood, check out our article here.
  • Chia Seed Oil is best served raw, in order to retain its Omega 3 health benefits. Add a tablespoon of Chia Seed Oil to your favourite smoothie; drizzle over salads, soups and vegetables; or use as a dip for bread. Make a delicious salad dressing by mixing Chia Seed Oil with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, organic sea salt, black pepper and herbs. See our Recipes tab for more ideas.

    You can also use as a nourishing skin and body moisturiser, or massage oil.

    Note: Always use Chia Seed Oil raw, it will lose its beneficial Omega 3 properties if heated. Once opened keep in the fridge.
  • Raw Vegan Vegetarian Paleo
    Gluten Free Dairy Free Sugar Free Soy Free
    Nut Free Contains Organic Ingredients Cruelty Free Fair Trade
    Made in NZ Reusable Recyclable
  • 100% Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed Raw Chia Seed Oil

    Source: Australia
  • "Great alternative to my regular Flax Oil. I've been using flax seed oil for a while now to get my Omega 3's, but it has a unique taste. Love that I've found an alternative to mix things up a bit - this oil has a very mild taste and great for salad dressings or drizzling over veges."

    - Tihana Walker (Wellington, New Zealand)

    "Swapped my fish oil tablets for this and am loving it. I was taking fish oil capsules for training, but switched to these when I found out about mercury levels and rancidity in fish oil. My skin, hair and nails have gotten stronger since I started using it too!"

    - Angie Goodwin (Sydney, Australia)
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