Coconut Honey Mask

Annmarie Skin Care

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  • Annmarie Skin Care's Organic Coconut Honey Mask is so natural it's good enough to eat. Seriously, you can spread it on your toast. It is the perfect moisturising treatment for those who want to improve their skin complexion, as well as smoothes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The live enzymes will nourish your inner and outer beauty.

    The raw mountain wildflower honey in this mask is high in vitamin C, B vitamins, and amino acids, all of which nourish your skin. It is a natural moisturiser, making it suitable for sensitive skin types. Organic extra virgin coconut oil is also an excellent natural moisturiser. This makes this luxurious mask effective enough for drying and aging skin, but also gentle enough for oily prone skin

  • Also available in our Annmarie Skin Care sets (full size) see here.
  • Wash face with your choice of Annmarie's Facial Cleanser then apply mask generously, including around eyes. For deep penetration, warm skin first with warm water or apply while soaking in a hot bath or sauna.

    Leave on for at least 15 minutes. Rinse off with a wet towel and pat skin dry. For normal skin, use once a week. For dry or aging skin, use 2 times or more per week until skin is fully softened. This mask also works wonderfully on dry elbows, knees and cracked heels. After using, apply your favorite moisturising Herbal Facial Oil to glow both inside and out.
  • RawVegetarianGluten Free
    Contains Organic IngredientsCruelty FreeFair Trade
    HandmadeReusable Recyclable
  • Mountain wildflower honey, *extra virgin coconut oil, *beeswax, *vanilla extract.

    *Certified Organic or Wild-Crafted Ingredient
  • "Not only does this make your skin feel wonderfully smooth, it's totally edible and you know what? I ate it. Yep. I slathered it on my freshly toasted Ezekial Sprouted Grain bread and it was pretty delicious. Melts like butter. That's how natural it is people. You can eat it. And your skin will love you for feeding it healthy food."

    - Stancie Wilson, Natural Beauty Blogger (

    "Though the ingredients in this mask are so simple, and may make some think it won't do much, think again! It deeply moisturises and after you have taken it off leaves your skin with an even more intense glow! It smells delicious and is so relaxing to use. During the super dry winter months I am going to use it a lot more as it's intense moisturising effects are so soothing. Love it! "

    - Martha Beatriz Lopez-Freking (Indiana, United States)

  • Annmarie Skin CareAnnmarie Skin Care is an organic skin care line using 100% raw, natural, certified organic, and wild-crafted ingredients. As well as being completely chemical free, the range incorporates the secrets of aromatherapy, utilising the natural healing power of herbs and oils. Annmarie's products are housed in a special form of glass called MIRON Violet-Glass, which protects the product from light damage and oxidation, allows it a longer shelf life, and provides a more potent blend of ingredients.

    The Annmarie Skin Care team are also passionate about reducing their impact on the environment. They like to empower their customers and communities by providing honest information on organics, wild-crafting, labeling and transparency. They also support a number of community projects including Label GMOs, The Gerson Institute, and Ayni GLOBAL. We are so proud to be distributing and retailing this range in Australia, NZ and beyond.

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