Coconut Sugar

Ceres Organics

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  • Ceres Organics Coconut Sugar is a naturally low-GI cane sugar alternative produced from tropical coconut palm blossoms. Paired with its rich, lovely flavour, it is packed full of health benefits. Coconut Sugar is an unrefined, unfiltered, unbleached, preservative-free wholefood that is rich in magnesium, zinc, iron and potassium. Sustainably harvested using traditional methods, it remains in a raw unheated state preserving its rich mineral profile.

    Coconut palms produce an average of 50-75% more sugar per acre than sugar cane, and use less than 1/5th of the nutrients for that production, leading to Coconut Sugar's reputation as the most sustainable sweetener in the world. 

    Coconut Sugar is low on the Glycemic Index with a GI rating of 35, which is beneficial for weight management and people with diabetes. In comparison, most commercial honeys are GI 55+ and cane sugars are GI 68. Low GI allows for a slow release of energy, efficiently fueling your day-to-day activities and avoiding the highs and lows associated with most commercial sugars. Many people with an intolerance for Fructose have also found Coconut Sugar to be beneficial since it is primarily Sucrose based.

  • Coconut sugar is slightly less sweet than cane sugar, but it has a delicious caramel-like flavour. To substitute in place of cane sugar, we recommend using 25% more coconut sugar (e.g. 1 cup of cane sugar = 1.25 cups of coconut sugar).

    It's super yummy in cakes, baking, fruit crumbles and savoury cooking and makes a healthy replacement in tea, coffee and other hot drinks.

  • Raw Vegan Vegetarian
    Paleo Gluten Free Dairy Free
    Nut Free Sugar Free Soy Free
    Certified Organic Cruelty Free Made in NZ
  • Coconut Sugar*

    *Certified Organic Ingredient
    BioGro Certified Organics New Zealand

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  • Ceres Organics is a New Zealand company founded in 1982 by Juliet Lamont. They strive to make organic, biodynamic and GE-free food available through sourcing quality products that are sustainably produced by organic or biodynamic methods, thereby creating a distribution chain that is both ecologically and socially responsible. Their status as a founding member of the GE-Free communities and general support of the GE-Free movement attest to their social responsibility.

    Ceres were the first NZ company to become EcoSocial certified - an organic fair trade certification. We are proud to be distributing Ceres Organics' products, from one of NZ's leading organic food distributors.

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