Declutter Your Life

Be Good Organics

Meet Liz 'The Tidy Lady' Bradley, a professional declutterer and home organiser! Liz has a passion for helping people to transform their homes into a clutter-free, beautiful and efficient space. Are you modelling this important behaviour for your kids? Liz will chat about the secrets that nobody tells us about clutter & hoarding, women's self-care and the eternal question of why men keep grotty old clothes and refuse to declutter.

Liz's own organisational journey started when she broke free from a life of fear-based “hoarding”, which has led her to being a Professional Organiser, working in clients’ homes to make their lives easier, happier, more organised and free of the clutter that holds them back from the life they want to live.

Location: Online - watch the workshop below, then find out how you can join Buffy's natural health community here.