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    Dehydration is the healthiest, easiest, most economical way to preserve foods. The perfect supplement to your healthy plant-based whole foods lifestyle, dehydration will take the nutrient content of your recipes to the next level. Dehydration slowly warms and dries foods at very low temperatures, ensuring the maximum vitamins, minerals, and enzymes are retained.

    Our Excalibur dehydrators are available in a 9 tray or 5 tray. The 9 tray is perfect for families and avid raw foodies, while the 5 tray is great for couples and occasional dehydrators. You can then select from Stainless, or the brand new Digital Black. The new digital model comes with a clear door, taking the visual appeal of your dehydrator to the next level, and allows you to view your cooking without interrupting the drying process. It also comes with a digital panel, a 48 hour timer (vs the stainless with 26 hours), and a dual temperature controller so you can set two different temperatures. To speed up the drying process, set your dehydrator at a higher temperature to begin with then a lower temperature to finish. The new digital model will automatically adjust after the first setting and turn off when the second setting is complete.

    The adjustable Hyperwave© thermostat and deluxe fan on all models allow precision drying and guarantee your food retains its enzymes. The timer allows you set and forget, with the unit turning off automatically when the set time is complete.

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    The Excalibur dehydrator is everything you need to make a never-ending supply of wholesome and healthy dried fruits, lunch box snacks, activated nuts, "raw" baking (where the heat stays low thus retaining the vital nutrients), raw pizzas, raw yoghurt, sprouted seed crackers, and fruit rolls.

  • Our favourite technique for quick drying whilst retaining the enzymes in your living foods is to set your Excalibur at the highest temperature for the first few hours, then dropping to 41°C/105°F for the rest of the cycle. The initial moisture in the food will mean the food temperature doesn't rise above 41°C/105°F, but will halve your drying time as opposed to setting it on a lower temperature for the full cycle.

    We recommend ordering a selection of our teflon and silicon non-stick sheets to go with your 5 or 9 tray dehydrator. The silicon are perfect for wetter mixtures like crackers and fruit leathers, while the teflon are great for dehydrating small pieces like sesame seeds and buckwheat which will otherwise fall through the holes in the dehydrator sheet. We also recommend making sure your vegetables, fruits, crackers or biscuits are of an even height so that they dry out consistently and evenly.
  • RawReusable
  • 5 or 9 large trays, 38cm x 38cm each (15″ x 15″)
    Adjustable thermostat 35°C to 63°C (95°F to 155°F)
    48 hour timer (digital); 26 hour timer (classic and stainless)
    Dual temperature controller (digital)
    13 cm (5") or 18cm (7") fan; 440 or 600 watts
    Unit dimensions: 22cm or 32cm H x 43cm W x 48cm D (8.5" or 12.5" H x 17" W x 19" D)
    Mesh trays are BPA free
    Colour: Black
    Made in USA
    Limited 1 year distributors warranty
  • "I just got my dehydrator and I love it! This is my first dehydrator. If you were like me doing a lot of research trying to find the best this is it."

    - Elaine Smith (New Zealand)

    "I bought an Excalibur 9 tray dehydrator a couple of years ago. I enjoy using the dehydrator and appreciate the ease of cleaning and flexibility of the rack system. Thanks so much for such a good product."

    - Kathy Rowe (Australia)
  • The Ultimate Salad Bowl
    Cacao Coconut Bars
    Chewy Chocolate Goji Crunch
    Raw Afghan Brownie
    Berry Chocolate Crackle
    Homemade Nut Butter
    Nut Butter Cookies
    Pear and Ginger Cake
    Raw Beetroot Salad
    Key Lime Tart
    Pomegranate Cauliflower Couscous Salad
    Chocolate Chip Almond Cookies
    Super Seeded Snack Bars
    Mini Apple Crumbles
  • Since 1973, Exaclibur have been in the dehydrating business. Based in the USA Excalibur Food Dehydrators have changed the way health conscience people all over the world view food preparation and enzyme preservation. From drying fresh fruit, to preparing Gourmet Raw Food Preparations Excalibur Dehydrators will soon replace the microwave oven in the health savvy home.

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