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  • Pacific Harvest's dulse is a highly nutritious North-Atlantic sea vegetable with a distinctive taste and a rich crimson colour. It has a rich and robust texture and is reputed to have restorative and tonic properties, containing all the trace elements required by humans.

    Dulse consumption is among the best documented historically; it is to the Irish what seaweed is to the Japanese. Our dulse is imported from Europe - harvested sustainably from the wild in Brittany. It can be used in soups, salads, savoury baking and also makes a delicious addition to pesto.
  • Dulse's flavour changes with the method of preparation. Rinse Dulse quickly with water to reduce saltiness and tenderise. Eaten on its own, Dulse possesses a slightly salty taste and a unique mouth feel. Fried or roasted, it takes on a smoky, bacon-like flavour and a brownish colour. Boiled or sautéed, it evokes a savoury fish dish.

    Dulse flakes are ready to sprinkle on anything: salads, sandwiches, popcorn, pasta, potatoes; or mix into humus, sauces, granola, pesto or herb butters. Dulse leaves make a great snack straight from the bag and are also great in soups, salads, stews, pies or simply roasted with potatoes. 

  • Raw Vegan Vegetarian Paleo
    Gluten Free Dairy Free Sugar Free Soy Free
    Nut FreeCruelty Free Fair Trade Made in NZ
  • 100% natural Dulse (Palmaria palmata) dried sea vegetable.
  • These dulse flakes are brilliant lightly toasted in a pan with a dash of tamari and some sesame/pumpkin seeds if you wish - I love to then sprinkle the blend on Japanese style salads - brilliant with this Orange Miso Dressing here and this ready made Miso Dressing here."

    - Buffy Gill, founder of Be Good Organics (Auckland, New Zealand)
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  • Pacific HarvestDoug and Louise Fawcett bought Pacific Harvest in 2002 with the idea of making sea vegetables a more integral part of Western cooking with a focus equally on the superfood aspects of seaweed as well as providing a great taste experience.

    New Zealand based Pacific Harvest supplies fine seaweed which are made in small and high quality batches. Their types of seaweed from New Zealand include Karengo (NZ Nori) , Agar and Kelp. All of the sea vegetables are selected and hand-harvested by professionals that have made a career of harvesting seaweed. This process is undertaken in areas of New Zealand where nature has remained pristine and free of contaminants.

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