Hello Raw Granola


  • Hello Raw Granola is a healthful and tasty way to start the day! This delicious granola is raw, organic, vegan, and contain sprouted buckwheat, nuts, and seeds.

    This granola is raw, meaning that the vital enzymes needed for digestion are left intact. Sprouting the ingredients also aids digestion by beginning the germination process, ensuring that they are full of life and nutrition.
  • This granola is a perfect breakfast food to have with your favourite nut milk or dairy-free yoghurt. It's also a great topping for porridge or a smoothie bowl. Or just grab a handful for an on-the-go snack!
  • Raw Vegan Vegetarian Paleo
    Gluten FreeWheat Free Dairy Free Sugar Free
    Soy FreeCertified Organic Cruelty Free Made in NZ
  • Banana & Cashew Granola: Raw Banana*, Raw Activated Cashews*, Raw Sprouted Buckwheat*, Raw Activated Pumpkin Seeds*, Raw Activated Flax Seeds*, Raw Dates*, Raw Coconut Chips*

    Raspberry & Coconut Granola: Raw Activated Cashew Nuts*, Raw Sprouted Buckwheat*, Raw Dates*, Raw Coconut Chips*, Raw Activated Flax Seeds*, Raw Sesame Seeds*, Raspberry*, Raspberry Powder

    Superfood Granola: Raw Sprouted Buckwheat*, Raw Dates*, Raw Activated Pumpkin Seeds*, Raw Chia Seeds*, Raw Cacao Nibs*, Raw Goji Berries*, Raw Cacao Powder*, Raw Mesquite Powder*, Raw Maca Powder*, Vanilla Powder

    Vanilla & Fig Granola: Raw Sprouted Buckwheat*, Raw Activated Pumpkin Seeds*, Raw Dates*, Raw Activated Flax Seeds*, Raw Dried Figs*, Raw Activated Almonds*, Raw Walnuts*, Vanilla Extract*, Raw Maca Powder*, Cinnamon Powder*

    *Certified Organic Ingredient.
    BioGro Certified Organic
  • "This granola is the best way to start the morning. I really love having it with coconut yoghurt and fruit, keeps me full and energetic all day."

    -Olivia (New Zealand)

  • Hello Raw is a New Zealand operated brand located in beautiful rural Kumeu. Their production centre is located in a gorgeous native forest grown and nurtured by the owners. They are an inspiring company that aims to provide healthful raw, sprouted food products for modern people on the run.

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