Hickory Liquid Smoke

Adventure Kitchen

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  • Dying to create that beautiful smoky flavour to your meals, without the hassle of smoking? Then this is the product for you! Adventure Kitchen Liquid Smoke is an all natural, healthy flavouring which contains no calories or fats. This condensed or 'liquid' smoke is the best food flavouring.

    Liquid Smoke is produced by burning fresh cut hickory wood chips at extremely high temperatures and moisture levels. There's nothing 'synthetic' about it - it is not made from chemicals. It is made by placing high grade smoking woods in sealed retorts, where intense heats makes the wood smoulder but not burn, releasing all the aromatic gases seen in ordinary smoke.
  • Liquid smoke is a very versatile food additive which can give the flavour of the barbecue without outdoor cooking. Brushed with salt on tofu or tempeh, liquid smoke makes a perfect vegetarian bacon replacement, or anything else that calls for a delicious smoky flavour.
  •  Vegan Vegetarian Paleo Gluten Free
    Dairy Free Sugar Free Soy Free Nut Free
    Cruelty Free 
     Reusable Recyclable
  • Water, natural wood smoke

  • “I love the flavour of this gorgeous smoke. It’s a bit of a crazy ingredient, but is the perfect thing for making healthy plant-based versions of smoky foods like bacon or smoked fish/mussels. Try my Smoky Tempeh BLAT recipe with it and you’ll be a convert!”

    - Buffy Ellen, founder of begoodorganics.com (Auckland, New Zealand) )

    “I tried some of Buffy’s Smokey Tempeh Bacon using this liquid smoke, and I couldn’t believe the incredible flavour and that there wasn’t any meat in them. Tempeh? I’d never tried it before - but it tastes amazing cooked up with this liquid smoke!”

    - Judy Heather (Auckland, New Zealand)
  • Adventure Kitchen is New Zealand's premier producer of gourmet condiments. Their aim is to  always offer the best products at the best price!

    The majority of their condiments, being gluten free and having had no artificial preservatives added, makes their products unique and hard to find elsewhere. 

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