Introduction to Modern Essentials Booklet

Modern Essentials

  • This handy booklet is an excellent guide to 50 of the most common essential oils, and is fabulous for experienced essential oil users and beginners alike! Not only will this handbag-sized booklet tell you all about how to use 50 essential oils, it'll also tell you how to use them for over 200 health concerns - so it's a perfect partner for your essential oil journey.
  • Read up, use as directed and learn! 
  • I love to read this little booklet whenever I need to look up an essential oil and its properties! I always keep it in my handbag, and it so often comes in handy - whether I need to check the properties of one oil, or need to find a quick solution for a headache, it's always helped."

    - Buffy Ellen, founder of, Auckland
  • modern essentials new zealandModern Essentials is perfect for anyone wanting to learn about essential oils and their everyday uses. It is the definitive guide, whether you are a new or an experienced essential oils user.

    Sharing essential oils is a unique experience and there is so much to learn about their wide range of applications - for both your physical and mental health. We want you to have the best essential oil experience possible, and we offer classes which will introduce you to some of the most gorgeous oils as well as giving you an overview of their uses. Find out more here.

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