Kalamata Olives

Ceres Organics

  • Ceres Organics' Kalamata Olives have been carefully selected from organic olive trees, grown under the mediterranean sun, where they have grown for hundreds and thousands of years.

    Like olive oil, kalamata olives are a great source of healthy monounsaturated fats - they're packed full of oleic acid (almost three quarters of their fat content!) which has been linked with helping to reduce inflammation and the risk of heart disease. Plus they're also among my top 75 sources of plant-based iron! 
  • Plump and flavourful, they're awesome in salads, pasta, or simply straight from the jar!

  • VeganVegetarianPaleo
    Dairy FreeSugar FreeSoy Free
    Nut FreeCertified OrganicCruelty Free
  • Kalamata Olives* 61%, Water, Sea Salt, Vinegar*

    *Certified Organic Ingredient
    BioGro Certified Organics New Zealand
  • "These are wonderful. A delicate, tender, buttery flavour olive."

    - Lynn May (United States)

    "I love adding these olives to Italian inspired dishes, they give such a punchy burst of flavour. My most recent love is to add them to this Italian Broccoli Salad - along with the sundried tomatoes they're an unexpected flavour explosion you'd never expect from raw broccoli! "

    - Buffy Ellen, founder of Be Good Organics (Auckland, New Zealand)
  • Italian Broccoli Salad
  • Ceres Organics is a New Zealand company founded in 1982 by Juliet Lamont. They strive to make organic, biodynamic and GE-free food available through sourcing quality products that are sustainably produced by organic or biodynamic methods, thereby creating a distribution chain that is both ecologically and socially responsible. Their status as a founding member of the GE-Free communities and general support of the GE-Free movement attest to their social responsibility.

    Ceres were the first NZ company to become EcoSocial certified - an organic fair trade certification. We are proud to be distributing Ceres Organics' products, from one of NZ's leading organic food distributors.

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