Maca Powder


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  • Our BioBalance premium Maca Powder Oil is a Peruvian “superfood” rich in amino acids, complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Celebrated throughout Peruvian history as a nutrient-rich endurance food, maca root supports the body’s natural strength and vitality, stamina and mental clarity, and supports libido, sexual function and fertility in both sexes. Maca root is a brassica vegetable that was traditionally eaten cooked. This is important, as enzymes in raw brassica foods interfere with thyroid function. BioBalance's Maca Powder is gelatinised. It is heated during the production process and ready to be consumed as it is.

    The Maca powder used for this product comes from Peru. Maca root is grown at altitudes above 4000 metres and is sun-dried to preserve the high quality and nutrient content.

  • Add 1 to 5 heaped teaspoons of maca to your favourite juice, smoothie or cereal 1 or 2 times a day.

    For the ancient Incans and modern day Peruvians, especially in the Junin district of the Andes, Maca is a staple food. So you can eat as much as you like - the more you eat, the more energy and overall vigour you will experience. Maca is non-toxic, has no dangerous side affects and no withdrawal symptoms. So the quantity you can take really depends on how much hormonal rebalancing you need.

    We recommend starting with 1 teaspoon per day, then increasing up to 5 teaspoons depending on your weight and hormonal balancing requirements.
  • Raw Vegan VegetarianPaleo
    Gluten Free Dairy FreeNut Free Sugar Free
    Soy FreeCertified Organic Cruelty Free 
    Made in NZ
  • 100% Peruvian Certified Organic Maca Root Powder*

    *Certified Organic Ingredient
    Assurequality Organic Certification
  • "My cycles have become noticeably more regular since taking Maca. They used to be uneven, and sometimes painful. Since taking a teaspoon a day, they've honestly improved markedly. Who would've thought?! Thanks so much."

    - Carrie Peterson (Rotorua, New Zealand)

    "Maca helped me get pregnant! I had read that Maca was really good for fertility (and libido). I wasn't sure how much to believe, but we'd been trying for a while and nada. So I started taking Maca, and a few months later we fell pregnant. Amazing! Unbelievable. I've heard lots of other positive stories like this too, so can't recommend to other women highly enough."

    - Amanda Rogers (Brisbane, Australia)
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  • Biobalance New Zealand LogoBioBalance is the child of the Butler family, whose 30 years worth of experience with natural products and deep respect for the New Zealand environment has informed their line of effective and affordable organic supplements.

    Not only do they draw their inspiration from their South Island community, they also often draw their ingredients from this area too and, when products are not able to be locally sourced, are only acquired from the highest standard international organic farmers. Their range reflects this, so local superfoods take their place alongside globally renowned superfoods.

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