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  • Our Raw Organic Maca Powder comes from Junin, Peru. Grown at 4,100m above sea level in the Andes, Maca is the energising and revitalising superfood of the Incas, where it is revered for its aphrodisiac qualities and wide-ranging benefits to the hormonal system. The Pumpush people of Peru have been cultivating and consuming Maca as a staple food for thousands of years.

    Maca contains high amounts of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, all the essential amino acids to make a complete protein (maca has a whopping 14% protein content), and nearly 60 phytochemicals. The extraordinary health benefits of Maca are due to the way it promotes optimal functioning of the hypothalamus and pituitary master glands. Maca contains unique alkaloids that stimulate the master glands, which in turn improves the overall functioning of the endocrine system.

  • Add 1 to 5 heaped teaspoons of maca to your favourite juice, smoothie or cereal 1 or 2 times a day.

    For the ancient Incans and modern day Peruvians, especially in the Junin district of the Andes, Maca is a staple food. So you can eat as much as you like - the more you eat, the more energy and overall vigour you will experience. Maca is non-toxic, has no dangerous side affects and no withdrawal symptoms. So the quantity you can take really depends on how much hormonal rebalancing you need.

    We recommend starting with 1 teaspoon per day, then increasing up to 5 teaspoons depending on your weight and hormonal balancing requirements.
  • Raw Vegan Vegetarian
    Paleo Gluten Free Dairy Free
    Nut Free Sugar Free Soy Free
    Certified Organic Cruelty Free Made in NZ
  • Raw Maca Powder*

    *Certified Organic Ingredient

    BioGro NZ Certified Organic
  • "My cycles have become noticeably more regular since taking Maca. They used to be uneven, and sometimes painful. Since taking a teaspoon a day, they've honestly improved markedly. Who would've thought?! Thanks so much."

    - Carrie Peterson (Rotorua, New Zealand)

    "Maca helped me get pregnant! I had read that Maca was really good for fertility (and libido). I wasn't sure how much to believe, but we'd been trying for a while and nada. So I started taking Maca, and a few months later we fell pregnant. Amazing! Unbelievable. I've heard lots of other positive stories like this too, so can't recommend to other women highly enough."

    - Amanda Rogers (Brisbane, Australia)
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  • Lifefoods is 100% New Zealand owned and operated from beautiful Christchurch in the South Island. They are passionate about healthy food, and truly believe that health is directly related to what people eat. Lifefoods believe that in order to have optimum health, a diet that has an abundance of raw super foods is essential, as it's a sure fire way to boost your immune system and to give you an abundance of energy. It's amazing how much difference eating 'real food' makes to a persons general well being. Lifefood's mission is to create a community of like minded people. At Be Good Organics, we're proud to be part of that community.

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