Be Good Organics

From fertility to pregnancy, babies and beyond. Join Sarah Thorn midwife, and Buffy Ellen naturopath and medical herbalist, to learn how you can support your body using essential oils, herbs, foods and lifestyle changes, through this important time.

Sarah Thorn is an experienced community midwife with over 9 years experience. She will be covering safety, how to use what and when, and including her favourite protocols she uses with her clients.

Buffy is a naturopath, nutritionist, and medical herbalist, who will be sharing with you specific herbs, foods, and other lifestyle practices you can incorporate to maximise your fertility, support you through pregnancy, and during those first few months with baby too.

If you're trying to get pregnant, are currently with child, or have recently had a babe - this workshop is for you! We'll also be discussing specific remedies you can make at home to replace synthetic conventional products, to use on yourself and little ones safely.

Location: Online - watch the workshop below, then find out how you can join Buffy's natural health community here.

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