Natural Hormones & Fertility

Be Good Organics

Want to learn about your hormones, how to chart your cycle, understand your own fertility, and develop a deeper appreciation for your incredible female body? Join Buffy and Hannah for this hormone and fertility focussed workshop.

Hannah Cox is the founder of "Cloak Confident Girl", where she teaches mums and daughters to learn about their menstrual cycle. Her passion is to help women of all ages grow strong and confident, with a love and appreciation for their own bodies.

Buffy Ellen is a naturopath, nutritionist, and medical herbalist, with a speciality focus on womens health. She has a particular love of fertility, pregnancy, and hormones, having been through her own infertility challenges and multiple rounds of IVF. She will be teaching you what plants, oils, and herbal remedies you can use to support your hormones and fertility naturally.

Location: Online - watch the workshop below, then find out how you can join Buffy's natural health community here.