Oils Stacker Box


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            This stunning doTERRA stacker box is the perfect way to store your oils with a touch of sophistication. The white vegan leather stacker box comes with a sustainable bamboo lid and is designed to suit your needs and your personal space. Use one box or stack them three boxes high. Each set contains an upper tray holding ten x 10mL roller bottles and a bottom tray holding 20 essential oil bottles. (5mL, 10mL or 15mL).
          • Fill it with your oils!
          • White vegan leather, velvet lining and bamboo lid.
          • dōTERRA - a Latin derivative meaning "Gift of the Earth" - was founded in 2008 by a group of health-care and business professionals after they discovered the amazing benefits that come with using essential oils. They made it their mission to share these incredible properties with the world.

            Sharing essential oils is a unique experience and there is so much to learn about their wide range of applications - for both your physical and mental health. We want you to have the best essential oil experience possible, and we offer classes which will introduce you to some of the most gorgeous oils as well as giving you an overview of their uses. Find out more here.

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