Remember when you were full of energy and totally nailing it at work and life? A late night out before a day of back-to-back deadlines didn’t even phase you. I mean, you’ve always been great at getting stuff done. You are usually the one organising the weekends away or the lovely lunches with the girls, on top of an already busy work schedule! You eat pretty well, you go to the gym…But you’ve started to feel exhausted all the time. And often bloated. And have been waking in the wee hours feeling anxious about stuff. So what changed?

Where did that beautiful vibrant woman go?

Things like feeling tired all the time, carrying weight that doesn’t shift and headaches are all common, but they are NOT normal. There is always a reason why and these symptoms can be healed – promise! Marique has been there, burnt out and exhausted. She knows what it’s like to have lost your glow and feel like life is overwhelming. And she is here to SHED LIGHT and HOPE into our lives.

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